ISALTIS is a private entity created in November 2011 with the aim of forming a Fine Chemicals group specialized in the development and manufacture of organic mineral salts, mainly dedicated to Life Science markets.  Isaltis group is owning two manufacturing companies in France : Givaudan-Lavirotte in Lyon (ex-affiliate of Seppic), and Bernardy in Thénioux (ex-affiliate of SPCH). ISALTIS was aquired in 2018 by MACCO ORGANIQUES, a canadian chemical company, and both are part of LALLEMAND group, a major biochemical company employing more than 4000 people worldwide.  

Isaltis is a key producer of high purity mineral salts. Based particularly on alkali and earth alkaline metals (Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Barium) and other metals like Iron, Copper, Aluminium and Zinc, these salts are essential for all body functions (Hormone regulation, stamina, joint & bone health, tissue repair, energy production, acid-base balance, nerve function...). They are also used in many industrial applications like pyrotechnics or catalysis for instance.


Our production sites have over 50 years of experience in metals and their chemistry. With our 2 manufacturing plants “BERNARDY” and “GIVAUDAN-LAVIROTTE” we are offering a wide range of actives, as well as custom synthesis capabilities. Our multipurpose plants are able to manufacture under cGMP conditions, commercial quantities ranging from kilograms to hundreds of tons per annum, for various applications : from pharma, nutrition, cosmetics, oral care, veterinary to industrial applications such as pyrotechnics, catalysts, nuclear energy…

Isaltis is operating on a worldwide basis and is exporting more than 70% of its products to over 50 countries on the five continents.