Dears, in this very special period, we do wish to inform you that Isaltis group is maintaining its activity. We are working into applications considered of major interest (medicines, nutrition, hygiene…) and the whole company is involved in ensuring the production of our actives. Home office has been set in place for all employees who could work from home. The most health sensitive persons has been taken out from site and currently stay home. For those who are in good health and having positions that request a presence on site, Isaltis group has set in place the necessary organisation and hygiene measures to ensure their protection. We deeply thank all women and men of the company who are allowing us to maintain our activity, and especially those who are presents on site, and who directly permit that the products are manufactured, analysed and shipped.

We are trying to help locally by providing 4000 overshoes, mobcaps and disposable blouses from our Givaudan-Lavirotte factory to Lyon .