Sodium Acetate

Other name: Sodium ethanoate

Applications of Sodium Acetate include:

  • textile and leather industry:
    • as a dye and color intermediate, with specific use as a mordant in the dyeing process
    • as a photoresist while using aniline dyes
    • as a pickling agent in chrome tanning
    • to effect a more even and rapid penetration of the tan in tanning
    • to improve the wearing quality of finished fabrics thanks to its ability to remove insoluble Calcium salts
  • plastics industry:
    • helps to impede vulcanization of chloroprene in synthetic rubber production
    • retarder for elastomers
  • to neutralize mineral acid waste streams (ex: sulfuric acid)
  • can help remove impurities, stains, rust or scale on metallic surfaces
  • to eliminate the buildup of static electricity in processing cotton for disposable cotton pads
  • to mitigate water damage to concrete by acting as a concrete sealant /
  • in heating pads, hand warmers, and hot ice (trihydrate form)
  • as a buffering agent, drilling muds, and completion fluids in petroleum industry
  • in some deicer products (especially at airports)

Minimum order: 1 ton.

Manufactured by Bernardy.
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