Founded in the 50’s, Bernardy was specialized in metal reprocessing. When it was bought by SPCH in 1980, Bernardy began to reprocess used copper solutions from the electronic industry in order to manufacture copper salts. Barium & Strontium salts were also developped. Around 2000, to face the electronic industry decline in Europe, Bernardy focused more and more on developing Alkaline and earth Alkaline salts. Bernardy was then purchased by Isaltis in november 2011.
Today, around 64 people are working on the site. Its main markets are in industrial applications.

Key products are : 
Barium Nitrate (Explosive mixture with pasta initiators' in the fire cartridges)
Strontium Acetate (Actives in toothpaste)
Potassium Nitrate (Actives in toothpaste)
Strontium Hydroxide (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API))
And also other Nitrate, Hydroxide, Chloride, Acetates, Peroxides, Oxalates