Barium Hydroxide

Applications of Barium Hydroxide include:

  • chemistry:
    • analytical chemistry: titration of weak acids, particularly organic acids (the clear aqueous solution is free of carbonate as Barium Carbonate is insoluble in water)
    • organic chemistry: as a strong base (for instance, hydrolysis of esters and nitriles, decarboxylation of amino acids and preparation of cyclopentanone, diacetone alcohol and D-Gulonic γ-lactone)
    • to neutralize sulfuric acid solutions
    • to synthetize other Barium compounds
  • to clean up acid spills
  • water treatment: complete removal of sulphate ions
  • manufacture of glass
  • manufacture of ceramics
  • to make lubricating and oil additives:  internal combustion engine lubricating oil additives, barium-based grease and oil refining performance additives
  • beet sugar  
  • resin stabilizer
  • may initiate polymerization reactions in polymerizable organic compounds, especially epoxides