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Givaudan-Lavirotte (Lyon, France)

Founded in 1906 by Xavier Givaudan & François Lavirotte, the Givaudan-Lavirotte factory produces high-quality active ingredients intended for use in pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic products. It is located in the center of Lyon city.

Previously owned by Rhône-Poulenc (1960-1991) and SEPPIC / Air Liquide (1991-2011), Givaudan-Lavirotte was bought by Isaltis group in December 2011.

Today, Givaudan-Lavirotte employs around 110 people working on site. This site produces under FSSC22000 certification.

Its main products are:

  • Calcium Glycerophosphate (natural anti-cavity active, highly bioavailable calcium supplement)
  • Magnesium Glycerophosphate (a supplement of Magnesium and Phosphorus for deficiencies, stress and chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Calcium Glucoheptonate (a highly bioavailable and soluble Calcium supplement)
  • Zinc Gluconate (a Zinc supplement for zinc deficiencies, also used in topical application to purify the skin and hair)
  • Alunosal (basic aluminum salicylate) a veterinary anti-diarrheal active
  • Copper and Manganese gluconates
  • Zinc undecylenate, an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal pharmaceutical active ingredient
  • a range of amino acid-based active ingredients manufactured as custom synthesis

Site certification according to the FSSC22000 (food) standard is in progress in 2020.

The active ingredients produced on the Givaudan-Lavirotte site are used in highly sensitive applications (milk for premature babies, drugs of major therapeutic interest, injectable solutions, etc.). The site is therefore complemented by 2 highly equipped laboratories (physico-chemical and microbiological) and a reinforced Quality team. 

Bernardy (Thénioux, France)

Founded in the 1950s, Bernardy specialized in the reprocessing of metals. When it was purchased by SPCH in 1980, Bernardy began to reprocess copper solutions from the electronics industry for the manufacture of copper salts. Barium and Strontium salts have also been developed. In the 2000s, to cope with the disappearance of the electronics industry in Europe, Bernardy focused more and more on the development of alkaline and alkaline earth salts. Bernardy was then bought by Isaltis in 2011.

Today Bernardy employs around 60 people working on the site. Its main markets are in industrial applications, but the plant is developing more and more in the Life Sciences market (Oral Care, Cosmetics, Nutrition) with the establishment of a new dedicated workshop since the acquisition by Isaltis.

The site is in the process of FSSC22000 certification.

Its main products are:

  • Barium salts: nitrate, acetate, peroxide (catalysis, pyrotechnics, explosives)
  • Ammonium oxalate (nuclear)
  • Strontium acetate and chloride (Oral Care active ingredients against dental hypersensitivity)
  • Potassium Nitrate (active Oral Care against dental hypersensitivity)
  • Potassium oxalate (active Oral Care against dental hypersensitivity)
  • Aluminum lactate (active Oral Care against bleeding gums)
  • Magnesium lactate and citrate (magnesium supplements)
  • Zinc lactates and citrate (zinc supplement, Oral Care active ingredients)
  • Strontium peroxide (pyrotechnics, bleaching of hair)
  • Hydra4G: premix powder of 4 essential minerals for the continuous hydration of the sportsman
  • and many other nitrates, hydroxides, chlorides, acetates, peroxides and oxalates.

The Bernardy site specializes in the manufacture of powders, their homogenization and also offers to make custom pre-mixes for the chemical or food / cosmetic industries.

The Bernardy site is equipped with an efficient physico-chemical analysis laboratory, notably equipped with an ICP for the measurement of heavy metal contents.