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White paper – Boost your immune system with nutritional solutions

White paper – October 2020 – English version

There are natural variations in the performance of the immune system between individuals, which are linked to internal factors (age, sex, smoking habits, diseases – exposure to virus/bacteria…), genetic variations (pollen allergies, diabetes…) but also external factors (environmental factors). In particular, we know that adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is required for the immune system to function effectively. A nutrient deficiency decreases immune function by affecting both the innate and adaptive immune response, which leads to deregulation of the balance of the host’s immune response, and increases the risk of infection. Nevertheless, the immune system can be swayed in the right direction with a diet which ensures that the metabolism is well equipped to defend itself against pathogens, allergens and other immune triggers.

ISALTIS new white paper describes which nutrients have a proven effectiveness in immune function, and in what form they should be ingested to boost the immune system. In particular, zinc, copper and magnesium are studied.

This white paper is about the general function of the immune system, but also about Covid-19 infection and state of the knowledge in October 2020 (including clinical studies).