Eating well is important for all living things, and it is all the more crucial for athletes. It must not only be healthy, balanced and varied but also meet energy needs. Food supplements and sports drinks are developed to compensate for any deficiencies, and improve performances of athletes.

ISALTIS develops and manufactures a range of organic minerals capable of improving the sportsman’s contributions, increasing their performance and their hydration.

A dedicated active : HYDRA4G

ISALTIS has developed HYDRA4G, a synergistic mixture of 4 minerals specifically designed for optimal hydration of the athlete and proper functioning of the muscles, thanks to its intake of magnesium and calcium, in addition to the potassium and sodium traditionally present in sports drinks .

HYDRA4G is a powder and can be used for various finished forms: sachets, capsules, tablets, drinks, shots …

GIVOBIO LA range (lactates)

ISALTIS produces zinc lactate (Givobio La / Zn) and magnesium lactate (Givobio La / Mg), which are the most recommended forms in sports nutrition. Indeed, lactate increases the bioavailability of the mineral, but is also converted by metabolism in the form of energy for the muscles, the heart and the brain.

Other organic minerals

ISALTIS offers highly bioavailable organic forms of several other minerals: magensium, potassium and calcium but also zinc, copper, manganese (natural antioxidants) … for complete supplementation of athletes.