Potassium Nitrate

Applications of Potassium Nitrate include:

  • agriculture:
    • use as a fertilizer: it is a source of nitrogen and potassium which are two of the macronutrients for plants and aquarium plants
    • component (usually ~98%) of some tree stump removal products
    • to induce flowering of mango trees in Philippines
  • pyrotechnics:
    • use in fireworks
    • use in some explosives as oxidant for the fuel
    • in rocket propellant
    • one of the ingredients of black powder (gunpowder)
    • use in explosives for mining & civil works
    • to ensure complete combustion of paper cartridges for cap and ball revolvers
    • added to cigarettes to maintain an even burn of the tobacco
    • as an active ingredient of condensed aerosol fire suppression systems
  • in thermal storage medium of concentrating solar power (CSP) plants
  • to desensitize sore teeth (in toothpastes)
  • as electrolyte in salt bridge
  • in glass manufacturing
  • in metal treatment