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Brochure offre nutricosmétique

Notre offre de compléments alimentaires beauté avec LALLEMAND


Brochure applications industrielles [en]

Our minerals for industrial applications : pyrotechnics, weapons, catalysis, automotive, coatings…

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Vétérinaire [en]

Our range of minerals for veterinary applications

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Actifs cosmétiques minéraux [en]

Our range of cosmetic actives for Skin and Hair Care

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Santé bucco-dentaire [en]

A complete range of actives for Oral Care, with proven efficiency : anti-cavities to treat hypersensitivity  anti-plaque, anti-bacterial

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Actifs pharma et nutrition [en]

Our complete range of organic minerals for the human metabolism, with high purity and bioavailability Calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, potassium…organic […]

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FURDENTYL cosmétique (glycérophosphate de calcium) [en]

Premium organic and soluble for of calcium for skin regeneration and hair strength

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HYDRA4G is an innovative synergistic blend of 4 minerals, designed for optmised hydration during sport practice

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Mineralis Gu/Zn (INCI : Zinc Gluconate) [en]

Zinc gluconate for topical use in cosmetics (Skin Care, Hair Care) but also in Oral Care  

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Communication - stress et défenses immunitaires [en]

It is known for years that stress is having a negative influence on the immune system. In March 2020, researchers from INSERM […]

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#3 : GIVOMAG, la forme premium de magnésium [en]

Not all magnesium salts are equal. Magnesium glycerophosphate is a chelated premium form of magnesium, combining high bioavailability, solubility, good organoleptic properties […]

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